Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Estate Agent: Sebastian Gibson

First Charles Saatchi moved into Eaton Square. The Nigella Lawson moved in with him. Then they moved to Chelsea. Then the fairy tale ended. Nigella moved on. And into a new home.

Which knight in shining Armani helped her? The estate agent we all trust, Sebastian Gibson.

Even in this fuzzy paparazzi shot of Nigella house-hunting, we can make out that the handsome debonair man on the far left is Sebastian Gibson. We'd normally be concerned by the sight of the modern brick monstrosity with the garish geraniums in the background, but we know the Domestic Goddess is as safe in his hands as a lump of pastry is in hers.

Charming Sebastian held many a Belgravia woman's hand through the property process whilst at Sotheby's Realty. He then set up FG Consultants, and is regularly, but discretely, seen dashing in and out of homes in Eaton Square.

Sebastian, also known as Basher, is the some of renowned art dealer Thomas Gibson. His brother Hugh works for the family business, but Sebastian can still be found at art fairs with old friends.

Why impresses us most it that, since Sebastian was brought up in our crowd, he can also pick out the dodgy dealers. On the 26th of June, long before the story about Petra Ecclestone's burglary broke, he wrote this article for Spear's about a fake sheik viewing high-end properties:

Is this a fake Sheik? - The Secret Property Agent - The Secret Property Agent

Hire him. He's the best.


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  2. Hello Sebastian. I ran into this place on the internet. I’m Christopher Herbert Gibson. We are related. I meet you and your brother at your parents house in London years ago. Sir Herbert is our common ancestor. If get an email of you and or of the family I can send you photos of back then. Please give your parents and brother my greetings.