Saturday, 10 August 2013

Off Square: Cara Delevingne aka Little Miss Naughty

Technically she doesn't live in Eaton Square, but in her parents' house just off it.

The Cara that Belgravia residents are used to seeing wandering around, a pretty willowy young thing, only noted for her stronger than usual eyebrows. The youngest Delevingne, she probably lives in the room with the "Marley and Me" poster

The Kate Moss-style incidents have however been increasing, as Cara D tries to shrug off her 'posh' back-ground. A few months ago she dropped a little bag of white powder on her way home from partying hard.

We assume it wasn't baking soda.

Apparently the latest is that she wants to turn her hand to acting, and is auditioning for a part in the film version of poorly-written mommy porn "Fifty Shades of Grey" ... we sincerely hope not.
She Tweets and Instagrams.

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