Monday, 2 September 2013

Ex: 105, The Man From Del Monte

The Del Monte Foods tycoon Vivian Imerman and his second wife Lisa Tchenguiz divorced. Their the former Belgian embassy house in Eaton Square with a mews behind was sold.

Mr and Mrs Del Monte in happier times. Those are the fakest breasts we have ever seen. The jewels look real.
They bought it for £9.5 million in December 2005. They listed at £60m but sold for £33 million in November 2009 to Hong King real estate investor Joseph Lau.

It is back on the market for £ 70 m. Lau did not invest in redecorating. It is horrific. Like Lisa's breasts.

The post 2005 revamp was by Imerman's interior designer daughter Bianca Ladow.

Even from outside it is too shiny with too many chandeliers.

The swimming pool and hot tub. Gold. Mirrors. Huge flat screen television. Need we say more?

The Winter Garden. A light well with a glass roof. More mirrors. Another colossal television.

It looks like a bordello. It is meant to be a first floor drawing room. Chandelier bad. Swagging bad. Pom poms bad. French parquet is a faux pas. The ceiling is modeled on a wedding cake. It is so bad we're surprised an Arab did not buy it.

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all. Sorry Evil Queen. Not you.

They say better nouveau riche than never riche. They also say no chandeliers in the kitchen.

The ground floor dining room. Petra also painted hers black. It must be a sign of a taste bypass. The gold is bad. The chandelier another fail.

We thought the gold gilding everywhere was bad. Then we saw the bedroom. Silver gilding is worse. There is a reason no-one silver gilds furniture. Louis Faux incidentally does not 'go' with whatever that mirrored box is. Could be worse. At least the ceiling is not mirrored.

The mews house at the back has a leather lined garage for four cars and a staff flat.

Mr and Mrs Bianca Ladow. At Petra Ecclestone Stunt's wedding. Is bad taste contageous?

Her husband used to date Madeleine of Sweden. She is now married to Paul and Eva Maria ONeill's son Chris.

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